Frequently Asked Questions:
Do you travel to the client on the day of the wedding? If yes, is there a fee?
No fee if you are in Columbus Ohio.  Mileage fee's may apply if you are outside of Columbus, please inquire for more information.
Do you charge for trials?
There is a fee and you will get to see exactly what your makeup will look like, on your special day and are recommended.
How many customers can you serve at one time, if a bride were to book her entire bridal party?
You can book as many in your bridal that you have.
How far in advance should wedding clients make reservations?
As soon as you know, brides do book up to a year in advance.
What is your cancellation policy?
A non refundable fee is required to assure your date.  This deposit  shall be deducted from your fee on the day of your wedding.
How much time should I expect to allow for my makeup?
Usually for the Bride 60-90 minutes. For the bridal party 30-40 minutes.
What product do you use?
I use only the best products, I will bring everything you need for your special day, but if you prefer to use your own products I will use them.
How long will my makeup last?
Your makeup will stay all day.  The makeup will not sweat off even in hot humid weather.
What if I have problem skin?
The makeup covers a wide range of skin imperfections, including sun spots, rosacea and acne. The makeup is perfect for normal skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, and oily skin.
Do you work for or represent any specific cosmetic line?
I am not directly employed by any specific cosmetic line to represent them in my professional work. I am a freelance makeup artist and do not represent or distribute any one particular line over another, although I do have my favorites that I use.
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